Medical University of South Carolina    
Dept. of Obstetrics & Gynecology    
221 Ft Johnson Rd    
Charleston, SC 29412    

Graduate Student /Postdoc Information

Current graduate Students

Lori Albergotti
"The evolution of endocrine function in the chorioallantoic membrane."
Fall 2006 - present

Ashley Boggs
"Gonadal determination and differentiation in alligator gonad. "
Summer 2006 - present

Nicole Botteri
"The role of androgens in the development and functioning of the female reproductive tract. "
Summer 2006 - present

Teresa Bryan
"Endocrine interactions during the development of external genitalia in alligators."
Summer 2001 - present

Current Postdoctoral Fellows / Assistant Scientists

Satomi Kohno - Assistant Scientist
"Reproductive and molecular biology of amphibians and reptiles"

Heather Hamlin - Postdoctoral Fellow / Associate Director HHMI-UF G.A.T.O.R. Program
"Reproductive / Developmental Endocrinology "


Perspective Graduate Students

Former Graduate Students

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Ashley Boggs, Russ Lowers and Nicole Boterri with an adult male alligator at KSC.

Preparing for a night's fieldwork (Photo: Howard Suzuki)

Satomi Kohno and alligator nest at pad 39A at KSC