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Occasional Parker Program Update

The purchase of day passes at the entrance to the President Street garage is causing entry delays for you and for the other users of the parking garage and is creating traffic backups on President Street during peak morning arrival times.   Day-pass services require an entry transaction and cannot be handled elsewhere.  You can help us speed up your and everyone’s entry if you will do the following:

  • Pay in cash.   Credit card is convenient, but the new CHP cards have added significantly to the time it takes to process a transaction.
  • Bring the right denomination, $5, so that change doesn’t have to be made.
  • Purchase day passes in advance.   Stop by the parking office one day on your way back to your vehicle, purchase up to five passes a month and have a few day passes on hand when you need them. 

A purchase with cash at the garage entrance will shave off three-fourths of the time it takes for a credit card transaction.   Transaction time at the garage entrance with a pre-purchased pass is reduced to a few seconds--just long enough to date stamp the day pass. 

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.


Hagood Parking Update

Dear Hagood Parkers:

 Effective Monday, May 16, the following locations will serve the Hagood park-and-ride system:

  • Main Hagood lot on Fishburne Street—75 additional spaces will be in service on Monday, May 16.
  • Line Street/Hagood lot. No change.
  • Spring Street/Hagood lot. No change.
  • Lockwood/Hagood Section. No change.
  • Spring at Courtenay/Hagood Lot.   50 new spaces will be in service on Monday, May 16.  

The new Spring-at-Courtenay location is the former site of a Pizza Hut restaurant.  It is served by University Transportation at the Harborview Office Tower stop, but it is close enough to campus to walk.  As at other existing MUSC parking locations on Spring Street, all pedestrian crossings are served by nearby signalized intersections. We urge employees and students to follow pedestrian safety rules and cross only at signalized intersections.

Please note that the former Employment Security Commission building on Lockwood Drive is not included in the MUSC Hagood system after Friday, May 13.  The ESC building is owned by the College of Charleston and was on loan to us while the main Hagood lot was under expansion.   With the city’s release to us of an additional 75 spaces in the main Hagood lot on Monday, May 16 , C of C will resume control of its property on Lockwood Drive.

Thank you for your understanding and support.  We continue to work to maintain your parking services and to expand the system to meet growing and changing employee and student parking needs.  Please continue to follow the Hagood updates for the latest information.

Please contact us if you have questions or need assistance.

MUSC Office of Parking Management
91 President St.




To help members of the MUSC community and MUSC customers obtain services and solutions for their MUSC-related parking and transit needs.


The Office of Parking Management’s vision is to effectively carry out its leadership role in the university’s on-going effort to create a parking system which meets the university’s myriad and complex needs.

Recognizing that this is a long-term process, the Office of Parking Management’s over-riding vision is to operate the parking system in such a way that all customers are served in a helpful , balanced, prompt, effective, efficient, respectful and courteous way.

This can be done by providing services as requested where reasonable and possible to do so; by providing alternate solutions; by providing education and information about the parking system which helps the customer meet his or her needs; and, always, by providing attentive, prompt, and courteous service to each customer.

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