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Telehealth Course (IP 717) - See You Online This Summer


Summer Semester
ONLINE COURSE - Moodle/Vidyo
Ragan DuBose-Morris

Are you prepared to practice in a changing healthcare landscape that includes innovative technology applications and the use of interprofessional teams? MUSC students are encouraged to take IP 717, "Telehealth Teams of the Future", during the summer semester. This online course will help you explore how telehealth applications are transforming healthcare access and delivery.

Through an interprofessional context, students will explore clinical, research and educational initiatives currently underway across South Carolina. Students get real-world experience with the technologies and processes that make telehealth successful. Students will learn the history and status of telehealth activities; engage with live telehealth learning experiences; understand the use of telehealth to improve healthcare access and population health; explore how team-based and academic/community partnerships can be used to advance care; and embrace the changing models of care resulting from advancing telehealth technologies.

IP 717: Telehealth Teams of the Future
COURSE FACULTY: Ragan DuBose-Morris, PhD; Jimmy McElligott, MD; David McSwain, MD; and Mary Mauldin, EdD

GOAL: Students will participate in an interprofessional learning experience to practice and evaluate the effectiveness of telehealth tools and processes.

COURSE OBJECTIVES: Upon completion of the course, the student will be able to:
1. Explain how the history of telehealth has contributed to the current application of this technology in healthcare.
2. Determine how telehealth increases cost efficiency, reduces transportation expenses, improves patient access to specialists and mental health providers, and improves quality of care and communication among providers.
3. Demonstrate the use of three telehealth tools in clinical, research and educational settings.
4. Justify three ways in which telehealth can be used to facilitate innovation in interprofessional practice settings.

Module 1: History & Changing Models of Care
Module 2: Access & Population Health
Module 3: Technology: Infrastructure & Applications
Module 4: Legislation & Regulation
Module 5: Team-Based Care & Community Partnerships

This 3 s.h. online course features:
*Guest lectures from leading MUSC telehealth experts (provided via video recordings)
*In-depth examinations of telehealth and interprofessional literature and resources
*Collaborative case discussions and presentations
*Opportunities for live chats with faculty and guest lecturers (attendance not required)
*Dynamic student engagement through online discussions
*On-site and virtual field trips for hands on exploration of telehealth equipment and processes

Request for course enrollment should be made online at: If students have questions about an elective, those questions should be emailed to Dr. DuBose-Morris.

Course Director: Ragan DuBose-Morris, PhD

171 Ashley Avenue · Charleston SC 29425 · (843) 792-2300