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Food Truck Wednesdays


Wednesday, October 30th, 2013
11am to 2pm
The MUSC Horseshoe
Joshua Ivey

Don't forget about Food Truck Wednesdays!!

This week the MUSC Library is proud to bring back Roadside Kitchen.

They will be bringing the Peacemaker ($9), which is made with big honking oysters, fried up and laid out on a hoagie roll with bacon, lettuce, tomato and a fresh dill tartar sauce.

There's also the Big Easy ($8), which features lightly breaded shrimp plus fried green tomatoes and a special tangy sauce.

Really, it's tough to go wrong with either of the two, though neither is likely the most popular item.

That distinction belongs to Roadside"s Bam Bam Shrimp, served by itself over slaw ($8) or as a taco (1 for $5 or 2 for $8) with Sriracha mayo and a zesty sour cream.

Cash, Credit, and Debit are all accepted.

Coming Soon:
Little Star - Taste of the Caribbean (11/6)
Roti Rolls (11/13)
Refueler's Mobile Cafe (11/20)

171 Ashley Avenue · Charleston SC 29425 · (843) 792-2300