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10% Off Weight Loss in June; Student Discounts Too!

(Student Health Services)

June 2013
MUSC Campus
Josh Brown, PhD 792-2273

The Governor has declared June to be "Obesity Awareness Month" in the state of South Carolina. Here?s a handout with some overweight and obesity statistics for our State (these are 2010 stats, but very similar to more recent stats): .

To turn this around, it's going to take concerted efforts on all levels: individuals, families, groups, employers, communities, insurers, providers, the State, and the Nation.

So, we at the MUSC Weight Management Center are doing what we can by providing our MUSC family and the rest of the Lowcountry with the most trusted, professional, and proven weight loss programs. Not only have our weight management professionals been providing evidence-based weight loss programs since 1974 (NEARLY 4 DECADES), but we offer financial incentives:

1. 10% off to anyone who enrolls during Obesity Awareness Month (June 2013)!

2. MUSC students (and spouses/domestic partners) will receive an additional discount!

Call, email, or visit us online for more information about our programs or to get scheduled for a FREE program orientation. Our website has lots of information about us and our programs, as well as helpful tools, tips, and patient stories.

Don't pass up this wonderful opportunity! Together, we can begin to turn this health problem around.

Whether you've got a little or a lot to lose.


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