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Office/school supplies needed for health outreach in Ghana, West Africa

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Collecting through July 1
Ghana, West Africa
Sarah Logan, Dr. Cindy Swenson 843-693-2233

Dear MUSC community,
You may have seen the stunning photographs in the James E. Colbert Education Center, entitled "Portrait of a Village" in Ghana, West Africa, a country with rich historical roots with Charleston.

Again this summer, several faculty, staff, residents, nurses, students and community members will travel to this remote village of Okurase to join with Ghanaian health professionals to conduct another annual Village Health Outreach, among several other self-sustaining initiatives.

Last year's response to requests for scrubs and clothing was amazing, and we thank each and every one of you!

This year, we would like for you to consider donating some office supplies that will help keep the administrative side of our health efforts flowing. For example, we are requesting any of the following:

Folders with brads for patient health forms
Plastic 'report covers'
Ink pens and markers
Clip Boards
Stickers (for the children)
String/rope (for hanging privacy curtain)
Ziploc bags, assorted sizes
Trash bags, assorted sizes
Blankets for patients in shock
Battery operated personal fan (keeps flies off a newly cleaned wounds)
Hand sanitizers
Shipping Tape
Index cards
Index card file boxes
File boxes
Trunks/containers to carry/hold supplies

Thank you all for such great support, without it, we cannot do the extent of the work that we do!

If anyone has other items in mind that we should consider, please feel free to contact us!

We will be focusing on:
1) The Village Health Outreach (VHO), screening, treatment and surgeries (saw 1350 people in 2012).
2) The Kid's camp which will include teaching English, other educational activities, soccer (football) and songs with the kids.
3) Piloting the use of technology to link village children electronically with Charleston area classrooms
4) Collecting information for the background of grant applications (health, nutrition, sanitation, water)
5) Helping with building of the vocational school that is 60% complete and planning for start up of a medical center
6) Health education
7) Completion of a clean and safe water system that is in process via hiring Water Missions International

This remote village is home to 2,500 people, of whom 1,400 are children. This village has no clean water, lack of proper sanitation, limited medical care or educational opportunities, malnutrition, and food security issues. (See Photo Exhibit on 2nd floor of library).

171 Ashley Avenue · Charleston SC 29425 · (843) 792-2300