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Earth Friendly Art Exhibit in the lobby of the Colbert Center

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until the end of May
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Originally created by Becca Barnet for the Halsey Institute of Contemporary Art's Sponsor Gala, this art installation is being exhibited in the lobby of the MUSC Colbert Education Center and Library through the end of the month of May. Please take a moment to enjoy a creation that celebrates Earth Friendly activities and reminds us of the delicate creatures that surround us and enrich our lives.
Made entirely of recycled and found materials, "Apiary" portrays the hard working nature and the life cycle of the honey bee. Honeycomb cardboard was manipulated with fishing line and preserved honey bees hang mysteriously from delicate golden thread.
"Apiary" challenges you as the viewer to question whether you have been transported inside a hive or as you climb up the stairs, you could be gazing upon a massive insect dwelling! Check it out!

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