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Renovation and Furniture Installation: February 19-22


February 19-22
Library: 2nd and 3rd FloorFloor
Bob Poyer 792-2892


The library is continuing renovations and installing new furniture.

What's Coming for 2d floor?

-90 study chairs for all carrels, study tables, and group rooms

-40 study tables for the open floor

Projected Schedule of Work

TUESDAY, February 19. 2nd Floor
Morning: Carpet will be patched along the wall where book stacks were removed. Low VOC adhesive will be used, but we cannot guarantee there will be no odor.

Afternoon: Painting wall where books tacks were removed.

FRIDAY, February 22. All day.
2d Floor.
Chairs and tables will be delivered & installed.

-Existing chairs will be replaced as new chairs are delivered. This will be a quick swap for students who are studying in the area.

-The area between the fire exits and the book stacks will be reserved as a work area for installers.

-Table parts will be delivered to the construction area.

-Tables will be built on site and moved into place.

-Existing tables will be removed as new tables are put in place.

3d Floor.
Table heights will be lowered to standard desk height.

-All mobile tables with light wood tops and metal legs

What Does this Mean for Students?

On Friday:
-2d Floor: LESS STUDY SPACE. The open area between the fire exit and the book stacks will not be available for study during the installation. This area will be cleared and reserved for delivery and construction of study tables. STUDENTS AT CARRELS IN THE CONSTRUCTION AREA MAY REMAIN IF YOU CHOOSE TO DO SO.

-The rest of the 2nd floor will remain open for study.

Bob Poyer,
Assistant Director of Public Services and Education

171 Ashley Avenue · Charleston SC 29425 · (843) 792-2300