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Mr. MUSC Ticket Sale


Now through 2/22
CHP Atrium
David Astaphan 954 540-8986

Mr. MUSC, the PA's annual male beauty pageant (formal + swim wear, talent, etc) benefitting the Barrier Islands Free Medical Clinic (BIFMC) will be Fri 2/22. This year's theme is Med Men (like the show Mad Men) and contestants from Medicine, Nursing, PT, Anesthesia for Nurses, Graduate Studies and PA will battle to see who has the cool to win the duel.

Not only will this be a really fun event, but it's for an excellent cause. The BIFMC ( is a volunteer-run free medical clinic which has provided more than 16,905 patient visits for 2,993 patients.

$10 tickets on sale through 2/22.

171 Ashley Avenue · Charleston SC 29425 · (843) 792-2300