The Medical University of South Carolina
Student Broadcast Messages



The Office of Student Programs is assuming the responsibility for the dissemination of student broadcast e-mail messages. The following general guidelines will serve to streamline information sent to the general student body.

The following guidelines apply to items submitted for inclusion on student broadcast e-mail messages.


To provide information about MUSC-related events, issues and opportunities to students in an efficient, timely manner.


  1. Only MUSC employees, staff or students can submit a broadcast message. The NetID password (the one assigned to you for MUSC email) is the one used to access the "add a message" form. If you do not have an MUSC email account and would like to send information to all MUSC students, please call the Office of Student Programs at 843-792-2693, or email
  2. Messages must pertain to all MUSC students. College specific emails may be sent to the Dean's Office of each individual college.
  3. Messages must be informative, brief and to the point.
  4. Broadcast messages will appear only once in email. However, information may be resubmitted to student broadcast if a "reminder" email is necessary.
  5. The content of the message and the removal date from the website are subject to change at the discretion of the Office of Student Programs staff.
  6. Messages must contain contact name, e-mail address and phone number and/or web address where interested parties can obtain more information.
  7. Messages will not be disseminated with attachments (i.e. registration forms, photos, etc.) but can send reader to a separate location on the web that has been designated for this information.
  8. Emergency or need-to-know-now information may still be sent through Stuinfo in an individual email at the discretion of the Office of the President, Office of Student Programs and/or the MUSC SGA President.
  9. On-campus, student job opportunities may be submitted through the student broadcast email system. Please select the category titled "Other" when submitting these requests. Off-campus, non-student job opportunities will not be publicized through the student broadcast email system.
  10. Student broadcast is for advertising events and student information only. It can not be used to advertise rental properties or for selling personal items.
  11. Repeat e-mail messages may be submitted no more than once per week, with the exception of SGA and Student Programs events.

The Office of Enrollment Management maintains one general mailing list serve for all current students. Student Broadcast Email is disseminated through this list. Students may not unsubscribe from Broadcast Messages, but will be taken off of this list after graduation from the Medical University of South Carolina.


Messages submitted at will be routed to the Office of Student Programs. Upon approval, the messages will be made available on the website within the next business day. There will be a once daily (Mon-Fri) dissemination of broadcast e-mail messages. Messages must be received by 5PM to be included in the next day's broadcast e-mail message; that is, any message received after 5PM will be broadcast after 2 working days. The sooner the messages are submitted, the sooner they will be on the website.

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