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Betty Sandifer, Director
Betty Sandifer

University Purchasing and Accounts Payable supports the university community through purchasing all goods and services, providing expertise and guidance to customers and vendors and paying vendors and employees promptly.

Purchasing and Accounts Payable is a part of Finance and reports to the Chief Financial Officer.

New E-Procurement system is a huge step forward for MUSC.

It’s official as of January 19, 2011.   The State Information Technology Office has awarded a contract on behalf of MUSC to SciQuest for a new e-Procurement System.

The contract will begin on February 1, 2011.  Huron Consulting will be working with MUSC in preparing for the implementation.  As more information is available, we will notify departments as to how this will affect them.  Huron will be looking at work flow and approvals in each department, and we will need to work with you to identify the person in your department to help with this.  The implementation is expected to take about eight months and we hope to launch the pilot project on October 1, 2011.

E-Procurement is a huge step forward in technology for MUSC.  This is a procure to pay process and will by-pass SmartStream until time to pay.  Payment will be made in SmartStream and posted to the General Ledger.  Our IT people will be working to develop a number of interfaces between SciQuest, SmartStream, UMS, and FileNet.

Purchasing will be made so much easier for all of us.  SciQuest provides an “” like atmosphere in which the purchaser can pick a number of products or services from several different vendors and submit one order.  SciQuest will split the order up into individual requisitions to go through approvals and be sent on to be converted to purchase orders or paid directly.

Departments will be able to follow their purchases from the time they order until notice to pay is sent to SmartStream.  A number of reports will be available for all end users to help keep track of their purchases.

The next year will be exciting and challenging for all of us in Purchasing and Accounts Payable.  There will be a lot of work in setting the work flow up so things flow smoothly when we roll it out to the University.  We feel that this effort will be well worth it because it will provide a much more efficient way of Purchasing at MUSC.

As implementation proceeds, we will provide more updates.  Training will be done prior to going live with the pilot departments and shortly after to all of MUSC.

These are exciting times.  We hope you all will celebrate this new venture with us.  MUSC Purchasing and Accounts Payable thanks Rosalind Giddens for all of her diligent work in making this happen.  We also are most grateful for the support of our Chief Financial Officer, Patrick Wamsley, our Vice President for Finance, Lisa Montgomery, and John Dell in the Office of the Chief Information Officer.

SciQuest will be a big WIN for MUSC.