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Our Mission

To serve patients, health care providers, research scientists, scholars, and society by providing excellence and innovation in diagnostic services and educational resources in a respectful, professional and culturally diverse atmosphere.

Our Vision

To become a preeminent leader in academic anatomic and clinical pathology while translating basic science discovery to improved clinical care.

Frederick S. Nolte, Ph.D., D - Professor and Director of Clinical Laboratories

Frederick S. Nolte, Ph.D., D(ABMM), F(AAM)

Director of Clinical Laboratories
Director of Molecular Pathology
Department of Pathology & Laboratory Medicine
Office: Childrens Hospital Room 305
Phone: (843) 792-5020
Fax: (843) 792-7060


Medical Microbiology
Molecular Pathology
Laboratory Management


B.S., 1974, University of Cincinnati (OH)
Ph.D., 1980, Ohio State University
PostDoctoral Fellow 1980-1982, University of Rochester (NY)
Diplomate, 1985, American Board of Medical Microbiology
Fellow, 2002, American Academy of Microbiology


Infectious Disease, Diagnostics
Molecular Diagnostics


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Pathology Divisions
Anatomic Pathology
Laboratory Medicine

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