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Our Mission

To serve patients, health care providers, research scientists, scholars, and society by providing excellence and innovation in diagnostic services and educational resources in a respectful, professional and culturally diverse atmosphere.

Our Vision

To become a preeminent leader in academic anatomic and clinical pathology while translating basic science discovery to improved clinical care.

Mariam Alsharif, M.D.

Mariam Alsharif, M.D.

Assistant Professor
Department of Pathology & Laboratory Medicine
Office: Childrens Hospital Room 303D1
Phone: (843) 792-5195
Fax: (843) 792-0555

I work as a Surgical Pathologist and Cytopathologist in the Department of Pathology & Laboratory Medicine at MUSC. I completed my Anatomic and Clinical Pathology residency training at the University of Minnesota in 2006, including a surgical pathology fellowship. I worked at the University of Minnesota as a junior faculty for a year then I completed a cytopathology fellowship there in 2008.


American Board of Pathology, Anatomic and Clinical Pathology: 2006
American Board of Pathology, Cytopathology Subspecialty Board: 2008


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  11. Starry thyroid. Alsharif M, Pambuccian S. Int J Surg Pathol. 2009 Oct; 17(5):404. Epub

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