On the Third Friday of every July doctoral students and postdoctoral fellows in the Marine Biomedicine and Environmental Sciences Center and trainees associated with the MBES present their previous year’s research in poster format at the MUSC White House on the Ft. Johnson campus. All MBES faculty, mentors, MUSC medical faculty and Ft. Johnson staff and faculty attend this informal and enjoyable event. This late afternoon student research presentation  is preceded by a Keynote Lecture from an eminent scientist in one of the many fields encompassing the molecular and chemical approaches to understanding the relationship between the environment and human health. An important aspect of this day is the noon luncheon that the students enjoy separately with the keynote speaker.



Friday 2:00PM Auditorium MRRI, Fort Johnson

Keynote speaker:
 Mitchell L. Sogin
The Marine Biological Laboratory in Woods Hole and the Department of Molecular and Cellular Biology at Brown University.

 Microbial Population Structure of the World’s Oceans: an underexplored “rare biosphere"

Latasha Amisial

Stephanie A. Brunelle

Colleen E. Bryan

Blake C Ellis

Christina Grek

Junichi Hikima, Ph.D

Michelle Hsia

Wesley Jackson

Wesley Johnson, Ph.D


Nicole Kimes

Yannick Labreuche, Ph.D

 Mara Lennard

Kristy Lidie

Annalaura Mancia, Ph.D

Kelli Margot

Emily Monroe

Benjamin A Neely

Danforth Newton, Ph.D

Nuala O'Leary, Ph.D

Shawn Polson

Tracey Shock

Jessica Shockey

 Petra Tsuji

Enrique de la Vega, Ph.D 

Maria Vizcaino

 Jennifer Yordy