MBES 2003 Student Research Open House - ABSTRACTS

High Throughput Marine EST Data Analysis Pipeline
Chen Y.
, Mckillen D., Wu S., Robalino J., Gross P., Warr G. and Almeida J.

Analysis of Expressed Sequence Tags (ESTs) from the Dinoflagellate Karenia Brevis 

Kristy Lidie, Fran Van Dolah, James Ryan, Dave McKillen, Ann Cheny

Unique chemical synthesis approach to the characterization of a novel class of antimicrobial peptide

 Brandon Cuthbertson, Erika Büllesbach and Paul Gross,          

Effect of Pyocyanin on the Functional Diversity of a Crude Oil Degrading Microbial Community
R. S. Norman; P. Moeller; T.J. McDonald; P.J. Morris

Cloning of an elasmobranch urea transporter-2 (ElasmoUT-2) from the kidney of the bluntnosed stingray, Dasyatis sayi

Emily E. Cwengros, Michael G. Janech, David W. Ploth, and Wayne R. Fitzgibbon

Histones as antimicrobial proteins in Litopenaeus vannamei 

Severine A. Patat, Robert Chapman, Paul S. Gross, Gregory W. Warr and Kevin L. Schey

 Characterization of a unique penaeidin class 3 like antimicrobial peptide expressed in Litopenaeus setiferus, the Atlantic white shrimp

Kizee Etienne, Brandon Cuthbertson, Erika Büllesbach and Paul Gross1

Tracking of marine pathogens in the environment:  A study of anthropogenic and physical factors involved in disease transmission

 Sara C. Polson, Shawn W. Polson, Cheryl M. Woodley

The USS Arizona: Microbial Degradation of Bunker C Crude Oil 

A. Graham; T. McDonald; K. Blair; K. Crawford, M. Russell, L. Murphy, P.J. Morris

Recent Mortality of Acroporid Corals in the Florida Keys: A Disease Investigation 

Shawn W. Polson, Mats L. Lundqvist, Samantha L. Ryan, Sara C. Polson, Dana E. William, Margaret W. Miller Cheryl M. Woodley 

Structural determination of a novel toxin produced by the dinoflagellate, Alexandrium monilata

 Michelle H. Hsia, S. Morton, P. Moeller

A Functional Genomics Approach to Antiviral Immunity in Marine Crustaceans 

Robalino J.1, Prior S.2, Metz D.2, Shepard E.2, Chapman R.2, Browdy C.2, Gross P.1, Warr G.1

A second urea transporter isoform (strUT-2) from the kidney of the euryhaline, Atlantic stingray, Dasyatis sabina. 

Janech, MG, Paul, RV, Nowak, MW, Miller, DH, Ploth, DW, and Fitzgibbon, WR

Characterization of a Water-Soluble Toxin Produced by the Cyanophyte Trichodesmium thiebautii

Tracey B. Schock, Steve Morton  and Peter D. R. Moeller

Discovery of a Defensin Homolog in the Hemolymph of the Eastern Oyster, Crassostrea virginica

 Jessica E. Jones, Matthew J. Jenny, Kevin L. Schey, Paul S. Gross, Gregory W. Warr

Isolation and Characterization of Rhamnolipid Biosurfactants Produced by Pseudomonas auerginosa Isolates U1 and U3

 Tapia, H., R.S. Norman , P. Moeller, P.J. Morris 

The Microbial Ecology of Pseudopterogorgia americana, a Common Gorgonian Coral 

Christopher Johnston, Garriet W. Smith, Cheryl M. Woodley, and Pamela J. Morris

The Effect of Nickel and pH on Protein Expression in Burkholderia cepacia PR1301

 J. D. Van Nostrand, M. Swartz, J. Arthur, A. G. Sowder, P. M. Bertsch, P. J. Morris

Carcinogen-Bioactivating Enzymes in Fish, Dolphin and Man 

Peko Kauppert, David Wingard, and Thomas Walle

Peripheral Blood Mononuclear Cells From the Atlantic Bottlenose Dolphin Can be Infected With Lentiviral Vectors 

Margie Peden-Adams, Lauren Heesemann, Patricia Fair, Mark Kindy, Sebastiano Gattoni-Celli