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About Interpreter Services

Good communication is essential to patient safety and quality medical care. Federal law requires that access to trained medical interpreters be provided for patients who are hearing impaired or have limited English proficiency (LEP).  

 The MUSC Medical Center will provide foreign language interpreter services 24 hours-a-day at no cost to LEP patients during their course of medical treatment.

 All health care professionals (who are not Approved Bilingual Staff)discussing care, treatment or services with a non or Limited English Proficiency (LEP) patient  or family must use MUSC Interpreter Services or Pacific Interpreters.The use of an interpreter must be documented in the patient's medical record at every visit or hospitalization.

 Only employees, students and medical staff who have successfully completed the OPIc or the Letter of Disclosure may communicate with a LEP patient without an interpreter. The only exception to this policy may be in a life threatening situation in which the patient/legal surrogate is unable to use Pacific Interpreters. (MUSC Policy A-30)

Service Hub System
All Spanish Interpreters are to be contacted on the "Service Hub System".
Spanish Interpreter pagers are no longer in use, except for STAT.

Go to the MUSC Medical Center Intranet homepage and on the right hand side click on the ' Interpreter Service Hub' link in the quick links to:

Interpreter Services Coordinator:
Alfonso Loli

Phone: 792-5078      Pager: 11338

In-Hospital Spanish Interpreter Hours

            Mondays through  Friday

                  6:00 AM - 11:00 PM

           Saturdays & Sundays:  7:30am-10pm

***After these hours or for another language than spanish, Please call 2-4595 for telephone interpretation and an automated system will direct you to Pacific Interpreters . Have your Universal Access Code ready . For ASL please call Clear Message at 1(843) 764-3427.

Letter of Disclosure

Comments and suggestions write to with "Feedback" in the subject line.




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