Classification KC40 (Band )

State Specifications:

General Nature of Work:

Performs skilled duties in a specialized trade or as a member of a professional multi-skilled crew; supervises subordinate foremen or other employees in the performance of varied and complex maintenance and construction activities.

Guidelines for Class Use/Distinguishing Characteristics:

Incumbents perform journey-level work and possess a high level of skill and creativity in their craft. Some incumbents function as working supervisors.

Examples of Work:

(Note: The examples of work listed in this class specification are not necessarily descriptive of any one position in the class. The omission of specific statements does not preclude management from assigning specific duties not listed herein if such duties are a logical assignment to the position. The intent of the listed examples is to give a general indication of the levels of difficulty and responsibility common to all positions in this class.)

Performs complex maintenance and repair tasks in such areas as carpentry, masonry, electricity, heating, venting and air conditioning (HVAC), plumbing and boiler operation.
Oversees construction projects, assigns work to subordinates and ensures compliance with safety and building codes.
Supervises subordinate foremen or other maintenance workers.
Conducts inspections to ensure employees follow proper operating, maintenance and safety procedures.
Initiates preventative maintenance; recommends improvements to increase the efficiency of crews and equipment.
Performs high level trades skills in the maintenance and repair of military equipment.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:

(Note: The knowledge, skills and abilities listed are not necessarily inclusive of the requirements for every position in the class.)

Knowledge of safety practices relevant to the area of employment.
Knowledge of tools, equipment, materials and supplies used in the designated trade.
Knowledge of techniques, methods, requirements and practices used in the designated trade.
Skill in the use of various trade tools and equipment.
Skill in making emergency and general repairs and adjustments to equipment used in building and maintenance work.
Ability to comprehend blueprints, plans and specifications.
Ability to understand and follow instructions.
Ability to perform heavy manual labor.
Ability to supervise subordinates.
Ability to plan operations.
Ability to communicate effectively.
Ability to use judgment and initiative to complete routine work without constant supervision.

State Minimum Training and Experience

State Necessary Special Requirements:

Some positions require a commercial driver's license.Some positions require EPA-approved freon recovery certification.

Minimum Requirements:

(Note: Additional requirements may be applicable for individual positions in the employing agency.)

A high school diploma and trade experience that is directly related to the area of employment.

MUSC Minimum Training and Experience Requirements:

A high school diploma and two years trade experience that is directly related to the area of employment. Some positions require a commerical driver's license. Some positions require EPA-approved freon recovery certification.

8401 Electrician
8402 Air Conditioning Mechanic
8403 Maintenance Mechanic
8404 Boiler Operator
8405 Carpenter
8406 Mason
8407 Locksmith
8408 Painter
8409 Sheet Metal Mechanic
8410 Zone Maintenance
8411 Energy Management Systems (EMS)

MUSC Physical Requirements:

(Note: The following descriptions are applicable to this section: Continuous - 6-8 hours per shift; Frequent - 2-6 hours per shift; Infrequent - 0-2 hours per shift)

Ability to perform job functions in an upright position. (Continuous)
Ability to perform job functions in a seated position. (Frequent)
Ability to perform job functions while walking/mobile. (Continuous)
Ability to climb. (Continuous)
Ability to work indoors. (Continuous)
Ability to work outdoors in all weather and temperature extremes. (Continuous)
Ability to work below ground. (Continuous)
Ability to work from elevated areas. (Infrequent)
Ability to work in confined/cramped spaces. (Continuous)
Ability to perform job functions from kneeling positions. (Continuous)
Ability to bend. (Continuous)
Ability to twist at the waist. (Frequent)
Ability to perform 'pinching' operations. (Infrequent)
Ability to crawl while performing job functions. (Frequent)
Possess good grip strength. (Continuous)
Ability to fully use both hands/arms. (Continuous)
Ability to perform repetitive motions with hands/wrists/elbows and shoulders. (Frequent)
Ability to fully use both legs. (Continuous)
Ability to reach in all directions. (Frequent)
Ability to maintain tactile sensory functions. (Continuous)
Ability to maintain good olfactory sensory function. (Continuous)
Ability to lift up to 50 lbs., unassisted. (Frequent)
Ability to lift 50 lbs. or more, assisted. (Frequent)
Ability to carry objects on plane, on ladders, up stairs, etc., weighing up to 50 lbs, unassisted. (Frequent)
Ability to push/pull equipment carts. (Frequent)
Ability to maintain 20/40 vision, corrected. (Continuous)
Ability to match or discriminate between colors. (Continuous)
Good peripheral vision capabilities. (Continuous)
Ability to maintain hearing acuity, with correction. (Continuous)
Ability to operate winches, come-alongs, jacks, etc. (Continuous)
Possess maintain dexterity in order to use hand tools, both manual and powered. (Continuous)
Ability to qualify physically for respirator use. (Continuous)

Additional New Requirements:
Ability to obtain and maintain a valid drivers license.