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Graduation Forms and

  • Once your Defense Notices are distributed you should complete the Online Degree Application to order your diploma, regalia and additional announcements. The form is located here. Students planning to participate in the May commencement ceremony should submit your application before March 1, 2013 to meet the deadline for ordering regalia.
  • All Students must have an exit Interview with the dean. Please fill out the Student Survey and schedule an appointment by calling Ms. Amy Connolly at 876-2405.
  • All Students must complete the Graduate Information Form (pdf)* and return it to the Dean's Office.
  • MS students turn in a copy of the signature page signed by the Bindery to the Dean's Office and take 3 copies to the Bindery (refer to guide for format and paper information) (pdf)*.
  • PhD students turn in 3 copies of their Dissertation to the Dean's Office (1-100%rag, 2-25% rag copies)(refer to guide for format and paper information) (pdf)*
    When you turn in your Dissertation you should include the Doctoral Dissertation Agreement form (pdf)* and the Survey of Earned Doctorates (pdf)*. You can opt to complete the Survey of Earned Doctorates through their electronic registration process. Go to the following link and follow the instructions. Once you have completed the survey, print a copy of the certificate and turn it in to the Dean's office.
  • Graduation Requirements (pdf)*

The only graduation Ceremony for MUSC is in the Spring. Degree Candidates wishing to participate in the Hooding Ceremony and or the Graduation Ceremony must complete all requirements prior to the last day of class for the appropriate Spring Semester. The Hooding Ceremony and a Day of Celebration for the graduates takes place on the Thursday before the University Commencement on Friday. Refer to the University Academic Calendar for the upcoming dates. If you have any questions or concerns about graduation, please contact Dodie Weise.

* View PDFs using the free Adobe Reader.