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Disability Services

The College of Graduate Studies is dedicated to providing equal opportunity and access for every student. Accommodations will be made in response to the specific disability and on a case-by-case basis. Students should make requests for accommodations at the beginning of the first semester or before. This gives your professors the time needed to make arrangements and ensure that you receive the accommodations needed.

Forms for students

Documentation Criteria for Students and Health Professionals

Steps for Requesting Accommodations

Step 1:
Contact Debbie Shoemaker, College Coordinator for the College of Graduate Studies. The college coordinator is the contact person who along with the ADA 504 Student Coordinator will assist you in requesting and granting special accommodations via the ADA as a student with a disability. Complete the Accommodation Request Form and review the documentation criteria cited above.

Step 2:
Schedule a meeting with the College Coordinator to provide documentation of your disability and the completed accommodation request form.

Step 3:
The College Coordinator in concert with the 504 ADA Student Coordinator ensures that the appropriate paperwork is completed, confers with you on what accommodation you are requesting, and validates your documentation from your medical professional as to your disability. It may at times be necessary for you to sign a release form, so that the medical condition for which you are seeking relief may be verified by the 504 ADA Student Coordinator.

The process of review depends in part on the nature of your disability. The College Coordinator and the 504 ADA Student Coordinator will make a determination of eligibility. They may (if necessary) confer with outside professionals including, but not necessarily limited to, your instructor. If you are found to be eligible for services, they will decide which, if any, of your requests will be granted. Decisions regarding accommodations are made on a case-by-case basis. There is no standard accommodation for any particular disability.

Each category of need has its own documentation standards and, in some cases, specific forms.

Step 4:
If your requests for accommodations are APPROVED, the College Coordinator generates a Letter of Accommodation (LOA), which documents what accommodations have been granted. You are responsible for promptly collecting this letter and presenting it to faculty. The LOA must be presented to faculty at the beginning of the term (NOTE: Steps 1-4 may take up to 30 days. You are encouraged to initiate this process well before the start of term).

If you are approved for accommodations in the middle of the semester, you are strongly encouraged to pick up the LOA as soon as it is ready and immediately deliver it to relevant faculty members.

If you have been approved for accommodations, you must request an LOA from your College Coordinator each semester that you wish to receive accommodations. If your professor has already received an LOA previously, it is your responsibility to speak with him/her at the beginning of each semester to discuss with him/her the accommodations and to ask if s/he would like an additional LOA. If the professor would like a LOA, the student is responsible for requesting the LOA from the College Coordinator.

If your requested accommodations are not approved, you are encouraged to meet with your College Coordinator and or the 504 ADA Student Coordinator to discuss the reasons for the denial. The Coordinators may discuss further documentation that is required for review or may review the grievance procedure with you at this time.

For more detailed information please visit

All applicants accepted to the College of Graduate Studies must be able to meet the college and university technical standards/minimum abilities. Students are asked to review the standards listed below. These technical standards/minimum skills are included in all admission applications. By submitting the admission application you certify they you have read, understand, and are able to meet the standards.

Technical Standards/ Minimum Skills Required

There are individual standards and skills in each of the departments in the College of Graduate Studies and all policies and procedures follow the Best Practices set by the Association on Higher Education and Disability.


Please send all documentation to:

Debbie Shoemaker
College of Graduate Studies
68 President Street, Suite 101
MSC 501
Charleston, SC 29492
(ph) 843-876-2408
(fax) 843-876-2416