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Research Day Abstract Submission Instructions

Please read these instructions carefully.

  • You may want to print off a copy of these instructions from your browser to use as a reference while you complete the instructions below

1. Eligibility: To participate in Research Day 2012, you must either be a student, postdoc., resident or fellow registered at MUSC on November 2nd, 2012 and have performed research sometime during the year prior to November 2nd (not necessarily at MUSC) or be a student (or postdoc., resident or fellow) registered elsewhere on November 2nd who has performed research at MUSC sometime during the previous year. Presenting authors may submit one abstract only.

2. Deadline: The abstract submission deadline is: September 21st, 2012.

3. Category: Select the one category which applies to you. Your selection will be the basis for determining which session you wll be in. If you are in the undergraduate or clinical professional or Masters categories, select for the type of project (Basic Science or Social/Behavioral Science). For PhD, select whether you are in your first two years of graduate work or three years plus. If you are not sure what section you should be in, select "uncertain" and the Research Day Committee will determine in which session you will participate. Or, contact Steven Kubalak via e-mail at (