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Fellowship Opportunities

The College of Graduate Studies encourages graduate students to apply for individual awards. In many cases these awards pay higher stipends as well as tuition and health insurance. In addition, Ph.D. students who receive individual extramural fellowships or scholarships that pay a minimum of 60% of their full tuition are eligible to receive a Dean's Incentive Scholarship of $1,500 per year for every year that they receive the award. Students receiving individual awards that do not pay at least 60% of their tuition may receive a supplement to their stipend from their mentor which will be prorated depending on the amount of the award.

The Dean of the College of Graduate Studies, potential faculty mentors and the Office of Research Development will assist you in the preparation of your application. Many of the deadlines are in the early fall. Thus, if you are interested in submitting an application please contact Dr. Halushka immediately so that a plan for your application can be initiated. Below is a link to partial list of websites for these types of awards. Please view these for your eligibility requirements and specific award information.