Medical University of South Carolina University Research Resource Facilities

Gnotobiotic Research Resource

The Medical University of South Carolina, through its Research Resource Facilities program, has established a gnotobiotic animal research facility.  The facility is located in the state-of-the-art Division of Animal Resources animal facility in the Children's Research Institute.

Dr. Edward Balish established the gnotobiotic animal facility at MUSC with his move here in 2005.  Dr. Balish had a long history of gnotobiotic research at the University of Wisconsin, where he directed the Gnotobiotic Research Laboratory for many years.  Dr. Balish is now professor emeritus with Dr. Caroline Westwater as the new director here at MUSC.

The facility is part of the Center for Oral Health Research (COHR) and is now fully operational.  Any request concerning gnotobiotics should be addressed to:

Dr. Caroline Westwater (Director) 843-792-7703

Phillip Werner (supervisor) 843-792-2152