Employee Handbook


Pay Rates

Grade 1: $5.65 $5.75 $5.85 $5.95

The work is generally routine with well defined procedures under regular supervision. In some cases, the work may require some skills (telephone etiquette, adding machine), a sense of responsibility and dependability, dealing with confidential material and/or valuable equipment.

Examples: Office Aide, Equipment Clerk

Grade 2: $5.80 $5.95 $6.10 $6.25

The work is sometimes routine and requires limited technical skill (typing, measuring). The work requires general supervision, responsibility for specific objectives, and may require previous training.

Examples: Office Assistant, Lab Assistant

Grade 3: $6.10 $6.55 $7.00 $7.45

The work is rarely routine and requires technical skills and/or previous experience. The work requires limited supervision, the ability to work independently and interpersonal skills. Technical expertise and/or previous coursework are generally required.

Examples: Research Assistant, Computer Specialist

Grade 4: $6.25 $6.85 $7.45 $8.05

The work may be either highly specialized or very responsible, with general supervision provided but freedom of execution given. Technical expertise and/or previous experience are required.

Grade 4+: $7.25 $7.75 $8.25 $8.50

The work requires a student in a graduate curriculum with a great deal of technical experience.

* Pay rates are subject to change in accordance with minimum wage requirements.