Employee Handbook



The Federal Work Study Program is a form of financial assistance available to qualifying students. Students are provided the opportunity to meet their educational costs through part-time employment. To determine Federal Work Study eligibility, students should contact their financial aid counselor in the Office of Financial Aid Services.

The Federal Government establishes eligibility criteria and allocates an annual grant which is used to fund the student's earnings. The employing department within the Medical University of South Carolina does not contribute to the student's earnings, except in cases where the student's eligibility is exceeded. Because of this unique funding arrangement, the program is governed by policies and procedures representative of both funding agencies.

This handbook provides you with the policies and procedures of the Federal Work Study Program and addresses frequently asked questions concerning Federal Work Study. The information contained in this publication is in effect at the time of publication. However, future changes in policies may become necessary. When such changes occur, all active student FWS employees will be notified in writing.

If you have any questions regarding information in the Handbook, please call the Office of Financial Aid Services at