Employee Handbook


Steps to Finding a FWS Job and Being Placed on Payroll

1. Interested students should see the Receptionist in the Office of Financial Aid Services for a copy of the FWS Job Placement Book. This publication lists available FWS Jobs on campus. Students at Satellite Campuses must call the FWS Coordinator to make arrangements for the FWS Job Placement Book to be forwarded to them.

2. Review the positions and mark those jobs that interest you.

3. Call your Financial Aid Counselor to determine if you are eligible for the FWS program. If it is determined that you are eligible for FWS, an FWS award will be included in your total financial aid package.

4. Make an appointment with the FWS Coordinator. At your appointment, you will be provided step by step instructions (Checklist) to complete prior to beginning employment. An appointment with Employee Health Services for a pre-employment health screening will be made for you at that time also.

5. Schedule interviews with supervisors. Be sure to identify yourself as a student who is eligible for Federal Work Study.

6. After completing the checklist, make another appointment with the FWS Coordinator. Your appointment should be made at least three work days following your appointment at Employee Health Services to allow time for Employee Health Clearance processing.

7. At your second appointment with the FWS Coordinator, you should submit all paperwork. Failure to complete all items on the checklist will delay your hire date. At this time, you will be provided timecards, a list of pay dates , a memo regarding timecard completion and a copy of your FWS Contract indicating your official start date. You cannot begin working until you have been provided with a start date from the Office of Financial Aid Services. Students who work in non-authorized periods of employment will not be paid from Federal Work Study funds. There are no exceptions.

8. Contact your FWS supervisor to establish a work schedule.

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