Employee Handbook


Getting Paid

Your paycheck is based upon the entry of hours worked into the Kronos system every 2 weeks. You are paid as a bi-weekly employee. A schedule of the pay dates will be provided to you when you complete your paperwork necessary for employment. The information is also available online at www.musc.edu/hrm
Pay days generally fall every other Wednesday. The pay period corresponding to the pay dates will have ended approximately 10 days prior to the pay date. Each pay period always ends on a Saturday.

The work week runs from midnight Saturday through midnight of the next Saturday.
FWS students will need to submit all hours worked on a biweekly basis via the internet at star.musc.edu
The deadline to submit hours via the web is midnight on the last day of the biweekly pay period.

Students may only submit time actually worked on the job. Break times and meal times cannot be included on the timesheet. See MUSC HRM policy 9 for more information. Falsification of time work is subject to disciplinary actions outlined in MUSC HRM policy 45.To view these policies, visit: www.musc.edu/hrm

Students are also required to print a copy of their Hours Detail Report. FWS Students must have their supervisor sign the Hours Detail Report. The reports be turned into the designated drop points no later than 10:00 am on the Monday immediately following the end of the work week (unless otherwise specified). Drop off boxes for timecards are in the Library and the Financial Aid Office. Students may also fax the reports to 792-6356. Changes in the MUSC University Payroll deadlines (example: holidays) will be communicated to the student and supervisor through notices placed on the timecards or via e-mail.

In order to be paid correctly and in a timely manner, it is the student's responsibility to turn in your signed hours detail report every 2 weeks. Reports submitted past the stated deadlines may cause a delay in pay.

For those students who work for both the MUSC Authority and FWS, you will submit paper time cards with the same deadlines as stated above.. Timecards need to be completed in blue or black ink only and the times should be submitted in decimal format (rounded to the nearest tenth). Timecards require both the student and supervisor's signatures and the times and dates worked. It is also the student's responsibility to ensure that timecards are completed correctly and signed. Incorrect timecards submitted may also cause a delay in pay. Due to fiscal year end requirements, all timecards that are not turned in prior to June 30th of the fiscal year, will not be paid through FWS funds and will become a responsibility of the supervising department for wages to be paid.

Pay stubs are available online at: www.musc.edu/hrm/myrecords/
MUSC requires all employees to participate in Direct Deposit. . For new employees, direct deposit takes approximately 2 pay periods to take effect. Paychecks are mailed to the employee’s home address in the interim processing time.

Changes to your bank account information will require you to complete a Cancellation Form (stop deposit) and a new Authorization form (set up and changes to deposit). These forms are available at: www.musc.edu/hrm/forms