Employee Handbook


Dual Employment

A FWS employee must notify the Office of Financial Aid Services if they are working (or plan to work) in another department at MUSC other than the Federal Work Study program. Coordination between FWS and the other employing department on campus must be made to ensure that the student is not in an overtime situation. Approval or Disapproval for Dual Employment is granted through the University Human Resources Office. Paperwork from both departments is required to be submitted for consideration by Human Resources. Federal Regulations stipulate that the FWS Program cannot pay students overtime. Hours worked from all departments are calculated into the MUSC payroll system and thus the student must not exceed 40 hours per week between all departments at MUSC. It is imperative that students already employed in another department at MUSC or considering dual employment, contact the FWS Coordinator to discuss these matters. Failure to communicate dual employment information to the Office of Financial Aid Services may place the student in a situation of where they will not be paid for FWS hours worked.

FWS employees may work more than one work study job provided that the total hours per week in the work study jobs do not exceed 20 hours and that the rates of pay are comparable. Rates of pay are determined by the work that you do. Pay rates in these cases are determined on an individual basis by the Office of Financial Aid Services. Contact the FWS Coordinator at 792-2536 if you are considering this option.