Employee Handbook


Address Changes

If you change your address, you will need to communicate this information with the FWS Coordinator directly or change this information at: www.musc.edu/hrm/myrecords/. Address changes in the Student Information system will change the address only with the academic departments on campus. This does not change the information automatically with the Human Resources department. The employee system and student information system are not linked. It is important that your address is current to receive paychecks, check stubs and w-2 forms.


It is important that if you decide to leave the FWS program that you notify our office of your last date of employment. An employee wishing to resign in good standing should submit a written resignation to the department with a minimum of two (2) weeks’ notice. Failure to notify our office of the last date of employment may cause errors in your pay. Students who do not work for a period of 2 months will automatically be terminated from the FWS payroll. Students in programs that require them to leave for out of town rotations should notify the Office of Financial Aid Services of their rotation dates to prevent premature termination from the FWS payroll.

Employee Background Checks

MUSC Human Resources requires criminal background checks on all employees ( including FWS employees) as a condition of hire.