Our fresh, healthy and crisp salads are served with a piece of fresh fruit, a bag of chips, 2 cookies and a cold beverage of your preference with a piece of delicious all organic whole grain bread.

Please see below for alternative dressing options (with regular and low-fat or fat free available) if you wish to substitute the listed dressing. If you do not see your preference please inquire about it with your order submission. Salad orders are available as boxed or plated.

Classic and gourmet dressings and flavored oils:

  • Mayonnaise
  • Mustard (honey, Dijon)
  • Horseradish / Wasabi
  • All basic regular dressings
  • All basic fat free dressings
  • Classic vinaigrette
  • Raspberry vinaigrette
  • Balsamic vinaigrette

  • Rosemary infused extra
    virgin olive oil
  • Basil infused extra
    virgin olive oil
  • Thyme infused extra
    virgin olive oil
  • Garlic infused extra
    virgin olive oil