Party Trays (1/2)

(Minimum order of 10 people per tray)

Deli Lunch Buffet Tray

Smoked turkey, honey ham, roast beef, Genoa salami, Swiss and Provolone cheese, lettuce, tomatoes with bags of chips and bread of your choice.
$8.75 per person


Smoked Salmon Tray

Sliced smoked Norwegian salmon served with capers, finely diced Vidalia onion and sour cream with baguette or crackers.
$10.25 per person


Skewered Chicken Tray

Premium grilled, sliced and skewered chicken breast. Seasoned to perfection.
$5.50 per person


Cheese Tray

Choice of assorted imported cheeses with gourmet crackers.
$8.25 per person


Seasonal Fruit Tray

Sliced sweet golden pineapple, honey dew and cantaloupe melon, fresh whole strawberries, red and white grapes.
$6.25 per person


Party Tray Sandwiches/Wraps

Assorted half sandwiches or wraps of your choice, served with lettuce, tomato and cheese. Many choices (ex. smoked turkey, honey ham, Prosciutto, and smoked Gouda, Provolone, Swiss etc.).
$4.75 per person