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Posted November 17,1998

It is the longest race on Earth for an individual in any sport. The Around Alone course spans 27,000 miles of the world's roughest and most remote oceans. It is a grueling singlehanded sailing race where competitors are both the captain and crew, and the finish line is literally a world away. It starts and ends in Charleston and you can follow the race on line.


Submitted by Carmelina Livingston

In recognition of the importance of the marine environment, the United Nations has declared 1998 the International Year of the Ocean (YOTO). This designation provides individual organizations and governments with an important opportunity to raise public awareness and understanding of the ocean and related issues.

Learn more about Year of the Ocean activities and opportunities on this Web site.


The South Carolina Marine Educators Association (SCMEA) is an enthusiastic, dynamic, and dedicated team of educators, naturalists, and scientists who recognize the importance of marine and aquatic education and the vital role it plays in increasing public awareness and understanding of marine and aquatic environments. Formed in 1988 as a nonprofit educational organization, SCMEA is a chapter of the National Marine Educators Association (NMEA) and is the largest network of people working together to improve and expand marine and aquatic education opportunities in South Carolina. Members represent a broad range of interests and professions.


Submitted by Carmelina Livingston 5/18/98

The Sea and Sky Web Site is dedicated to our last two great frontiers. Come explore the awesome splendors of the Sea, and the endless wonders of the universe. Lots of great pictures and fun to use.




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