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Coastal Change EarthKAM Links

This page is specifically dedicated to links that will be useful to those teachers who are taking the Coastal Change / EarthKAM graduate course. New links will be added regularly as the course progresses.

Posted 12/22/98

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NASA CONNECT invites all competitive-minded individuals to take up the electronic challenge to complete an online Wherever You Go, There You Are Road Rally course that canvasses across five continents and through five checkpoint locations! A competitor's score will be determined by the accuracy in identifying the biome for each rally checkpoint.

Posted 9/29/98

Coastal Change Before Your Eyes

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The NOAA Coastal Change Analysis Program is designed to monitor environmental change in coastal regions. This site uses Landsat satellite images of Charleston to show the dramatic changes that occurred to this rapidly growing coastal community between 1982 and 1990.

Contributed by Eve Katuna 9/30/98

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Creating An EarthKAM Image Investigation

This web page walks you through all the steps that are necessary to create an EarthKAM Image Exploration and in doing so we will create a sample exploration.

Listed 6/23/98

You gotta see this one to believe it. Over 3.5 terabytes of Earth images from aerial surveys and Russian spy satellites in an interactive searchable database. Put in Goose Creek and you'll get a picture showing every hamburger stand. You will be literally able to find your own house. It's very popular so pick the off hours and prepare yourself to be amazed. Only the CIA has it any better.

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