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Submitted by Eve Katuna 4/10/99

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Project Starshine

Student Project to Measure the Atmosphere

When the mirrored satellite Star- shine is launched into space on STS-96, junior high and high school students all over the world will be able to look to the sparkling sphere and test their skills in mathematics, physics and astronomy. They will use student made mirrors mounted on the satellite to measure things like atmospheric density by plotting the change in orbital parameters.

Submitted by Eve Katuna Aug. 17, 1998

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Steve Fossett's goal was to become the first person to make a continuous trip around the world in a balloon. With the help of his Mission Team he will made his fourth attempt this summer, flying a combination helium/hot air balloon named Solo Spirit. Although the trip ended early on Aug. 17 in the Coral Sea, there are still some interesting science information at the site.

Space has weather too, mostly caused by the sun. This site will give you today's forecast as well as some great educational material on the sun's effect on life on Earth.



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