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and Digital Imaging Links

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A terrific set of PhotoShop and digital image related links, resources and tutorials. A great first stop if you're looking for information on digital imaging in general and PhotoShop in particular.

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The Adobe site is where to go when you need technical support, updates and patches or a special plug-in. You can also download a trial copy of the latest version.

kodak.gif (1036 bytes) Digital Learning Center

Kodak's digital learning center provides a comprehensive series of interactive tutorials covering everything from what is color, to the working insides of a digital camera. A lot of information presented in four "books"   but it is all presented in an easy to understand manner.

phoenix.gif (8768 bytes)PhoenixArt

When you're ready to branch out into a more adventuresome artistic approach to PhotoShop, try this beautiful site. Sometimes a little hard (and slow) to navigate, this site is definitely a pleasure to view.



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