NASA Headquarters

All NASA programs are ultimately directed from NASA Headquarters in Washington. First we received a briefing on how small educational payloads are administered.

Payload program manager, Gary McCollum explains how a complex Shuttle mission is planned and supported .

A Visit to the Senate

It was an honor to have a chance to visit with senior South Carolina Senator Fritz Hollings. We briefed him on the status of our project and presented him with a CAN DO tee shirt.

National Geographic Society

The National Geographic Society had been involved with the CAN DO Project almost since it's original inception. It was a special treat to have so many teachers able to visit this unique supporting institution.

(left to right) Mildred Guthrie, Jim Frysinger, Nancy Dennis, Ruth Truluck, Jim Nicholson, Kathy Missel, Jeri Calhoun, Lem Patterson, Ellen Vaughan, Mitchell Colgan (College of Charleston), Beth Anthony, Robin Rutherford, Jon Schneeberger (NGS), Kathy Rackley, Pete Petrone (NGS)


We had the very special privilege of spending several hours with famous NGS photographer and author James Stanfield who had just completed a book on the Vatican City. We learned first hand about the rewards and the hazards of working for this unique publication.

All great images come to National Geographic first. During our visit, the first radar pictures arrived from the Magellan spacecraft at Venus. We got to examine them on the office floor of Photo Editor Jon Schneeberger.

NGS staffers never work simple 9-5 days. Here Photo Equipment Director Pete Petrone (left) has joined Jim Frysinger in an impromptu technical conference back at the motel.

No trip to Washington is complete without a visit to the Smithsonian. We spent an exciting day touring "America's Attic" with a special emphasis on the fabulous collection of spacecraft.

Smithsonian Institution

National Air & Space Museum

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