A Photo Scrap Book of a Very Special Field Trip In the summer of 1991 we decided that it was time that more of our classroom teachers got to meet some of the NASA personnel who worked with the project. A extraordinary field trip was arranged where we took two van loads of teachers to major NASA centers inVirginia, Washington DC, and Maryland. There the CAN DO teachers met the people that made the opportunities that let a South Carolina school district have access to the adventure in space.

First Stop - Tidewater Virginia

NASA Langley Research Center

Langley Research Center is the oldest NASA center and a major aeronautical research facility. Langley was the NASA sponsor that had donated the G324 GAS Payload opportunity to the CAN DO Project.

Shelley Canright from the LARC Education and Public Affairs Office hosted the special tour. A longtime friend of CAN DO, Shelley helped to arrange and participated in the first ever teachers flights on the KAO.
We visited the thermal test chambers where liquid nitrogen is used to test hardware before exposing it to the cold of space. The CAN DO G324 GeoCam payload was tested here.

Next stop was the Shake and Vibration Facility where payloads are mounted on a giant vibrating platform to test their ability to withstand launch forces. G324 was tested here also.
The clean rooms are used to protect space hardware from dirt and contamination. The air is filtered and all personnel are required to wear special protective "bunny suits."

Other Stops in Tidewater Virginia

Right outside of Langley research Center is the Poquoson School District, sister school district for the CAN DO Project. Poquoson students have participated in the G324 payload and the first SEM module. Poquoson students helped man the GeoCam POCC.
We also got the chance to visit our sister payload - NORSTAR from the Norfolk school district. Another Langley sponsored GAS payload, NORSTAR flew shortly after GEOCAM.

We enjoyed a VIP tour of the brand new Virginia Air and Space Center. It is a must see for anyone traveling through the area.

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