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Studying a Changing Earth from a Generation Long Viewpoint

(Proposal for a HitchHiker Experiment for the International Space Station)


James H. Nicholson, CAN DO Project Principal Investigator - Medical University of South Carolina
Thomas J. O'Brien, CAN DO Project Chief Engineer - Medical University of South Carolina
Kathy Rackley, EarthKAM Lead Teacher – Mason Preparatory School
Eve Katuna, EarthKAM Lead Teacher – Drayton Hall Middle School

Table of Contents

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Section 1


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Section 2

The Skylab Legacy

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Section 3

The   GeoCam II Experiment

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Section 4

Payload Design

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Section 5

The View From Space

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Section 6

Earth Observation & Education

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Section 7

Educational  Plan

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Section 8

Geomorphology & Change

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Section 9

Technology Skills

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Section 10

Building the Team

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Section 11

Further Reading

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