Learning to Troubleshoot

Can-Do teachers were extremely lucky to have Tom O'Brien as an instructor. Each week we were given tips and instruction that helped us increase our knowledge of computer hardware. The goal of this portion of the class was to make us self sufficient when minor problems occur.


We learned what computer viruses are and how to recognize their presence. We were also educated about different types of viruses and the way they can be spread. What to do when one occurs was also a major topic of discussion. Several programs that can be purchased to recognize and dispose of viruses were explained.

The class learned that there are three major classifications of computer viruses. They are classified by the way they infect a computer. One is a program virus. This type is activated when an infected program is being used. The second type, a boot virus, is activated when an infected disk is introduced into the computer and the computer is searching the disk for information. The multipartite virus is one that includes the program and boot infector.

Troubleshooting Program and System Problems

Discussions on what to do when an error message occurs were invaluable to the entire class. Computers were taken apart and examined so that the parts could be identified and explained.

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