Computer Applications


Do you want to impress the principal with your knowledge of computer programs or sell her/him on an idea you have? Create a presentation using PowerPoint! Power Point is a unique program that enables you to create presentations through graphic applications.

A PowerPoint presentation can consist of graphics, charts, slides and other data types that will give you a knowledgeable look of professionalism. Sounds, movies and other effects can further enhance your presentation. Create documents, multiple presentations (at one time), apply templates, format slides and insert clip art all with the help of PowerPoint.


Several students were unfamiliar with the World Wide Web. These students were instructed on the use of Netscape as a browser for surfing the Internet. They were given an opportunity to use different search engines to determine which would best meet their individual needs.

Claris Home Page

After struggling through basic HTML programming we were introduced to modern day home page authoring tools. Claris Home Page was used to develop the Can Do home page you are presently visiting.


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