Working With Images

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A Model EarthKAM Investigation

Case Study - The Atacama Desert

Presented by the CAN DO Project is support of the Teacher Training Institute at NASA Langley Research Center, October 12, 1998


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Table of Contents

Working with Images

The Three Phase Process

Getting Interested

Using Terra Server

Terra Server 2

Start at Home

Picking an Image

EarthKAM Images and Art

Our Pick

Color ?

Air Clarity ?

Signs of Water ?

Terrain Features

Other Features

Getting Oriented

Image ID

The EarthKAM Detailed Information Page

Detailed Information 1

Detailed Information 2

Image Download

Image/Map Composition

Nearby Images

Virtual Globe Atlas

Map Tools

Getting Deeper

Special Maps

Additional  Information

Search Engine

Bringing Your Image to Life

Atacam Images

Bike Tour

Lunar Rover Testing

Other Shuttle Image Sources

Other Shuttle Images

Getting Even Deeper

Flight of GeoCam Payload


Images to Compare

Change in a Changeless Landscape ????

1993 vs 1998

What gives?

Lithium mining

Mystery Solved

Author: James H. Nicholson



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