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Posted May 10, 2000 

  • Big doings and we want you to be a part. Please try to attend if you possibly can.

      IMPORTANT !!

    Final End of School Year Wrap Up Meeting

    Classroom CH 204 - Children's Hospital - MUSC

    4:00 PM - Monday - May 22

    I hope everyone has recuperated from all the hard work on EarthKAM. What a great job everyone did. You should be very proud of all that you accomplished. Now I know you are busy winding down your school year. We want you to squeeze in one more event. This will be a very important meeting of the Can Do Team to wrap up this years activities and plan for the new events coming next year. We will also get an update on how to stay in touch with you during the summer.

    EarthKAM Mission Wrap Up - Discuss final image CD-ROM (what do YOU want on it? CDs and prints can be ordered at this meeting

    NEW GAS Payload opportunity - we have a chance to design and build a new complete GAS payload - we are looking for your input. Also there will be a chance to earn money while serving as hosts to a national student competition.

    GeoCam II - This summer will have active design and testing for the GeoCam II earth observation camera apparatus. We want to have a working prototype ready to demonstrate in your classroom next fall.

    Bahamas Trip

    EarthKAM on International Space Station - Will it happen? When?

    Summer Social? You want one? When? 

    We now have a parking stamp for teachers attending CAN DO Activities at MUSC. Bring your ticket to the meeting for validation.


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    Chatham Island

    New Zealand Project

    By Sarah Schoon - James Island Middle School


    Karen Shakespear


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    Updated June 15, 1998

    Space Experiment Module and Space Day Team Up

    Now With Photos !!!

    The Space Experiment Module (SEM) Project had an extraordinary exhibit for Space Day activities on the National Mall in Washington, D.C. on May 21, 1998. Space Day, a nationally available program, was a terrific opportunity for students and educators to learn about space and space flight. The CAN DO Project contributed experiments and decals that flew on Space Shuttle flights STS-80 and STS-85. Get all the details at the Goddard Space Center SEM Site.


    Posted May 13

    SEMposium Presentations Featured on NASA Space Experiment Module Website

    The CAN DO Project experimental results from STS-85 are being featured on the Goddard Space Flight Center website for the SEM program. Drop by and admire YOUR hard work !!


    The CAN DO Project Digital Album CD ROM's are ready. They have a nifty new active HTML index for easy browsing. The disk has over 1,000 high resolution images in over 50 subject areas covering the entire history of the CAN DO Program. All images are thumb-nailed for easy reference. From Comet Halley to the latest Shuttle payload, twelve years of adventure and science are here to enjoy and to use in your classroom. Order your copy today. $ 5.00 each for CAN DO members - $10.00 each for nonmembers. You can pick up your copy at the May meeting.


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