More Historical Milestones of the Can Do Project


NASA Space Experiment Module - STS-80 (1996) - Can Do designed the first SEM modules in response to an invitation to help pioneer a major new NASA educational initiative. The two modules contained four active experiments to gather data in flight and 230 BEST (Big Experiment in Small Tubes) experiments.


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Big Experiments in Small Tubes

 GeoNet Project ( Kodak Education Technology Grant ) 1996-1997 - The goal of Project GeoNet is to create a digital collection of all images generated by the Can Do project, distribute them for classroom use through the Internet, Photo CD, and digital prints and to develop imaging curriculum for K-12 students.


 NASA Space Experiment Module - STS-85 (1997) - Can Do has begun the design of second generation SEM modules in an ongoing partnership with NASA for the development of this new educational concept. Students can participate as part of a active experiment research team or design their very own BEST experiment.


Each of these adventures involved school district teachers and students as direct participants in leading edge science and technology. The resulting professional development, student motivation, and classroom materials have enhanced the quality of the classroom experience in science learning at all grade levels.

Astronaut Nancy Sherlock operating the Can Do Payload (STS-57) NASA PHOTO



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