by Ruth Ashcraft-Truluck
High School Biology Teacher

Best Experience

When I was a little girl my father and I shared a dream of sailing the islands of the Bahamas as the pirates once did . The day the teachers and I met at the dock and I saw the black, rough looking sailboat I knew that this trip would be the closest I could ever come to living out our dream. That night as we crossed the Gulf Stream and I took my watch at the helm of the boat I remembered my father and the dream we shared together. For the next 6 days we cruised the beautiful Berry Islands with a young but highly skilled captain. He had sailed this area many times and was quite sea-worthy in spite of his youthful appearance. He put us on the most colorful live reefs never running aground which can be quite a feat in the reefs of the Bahamas. He was also experienced enough to anchor far away from the blood thirsty mosquitoes the other boat had to fight. Not only did we experience the beauty of a tropical ocean and its reef life we also experienced the beauty of our own floating mini -universe. We all found our niche on the boat and worked together as our little universe floated through the tropical sea.


Worst Experience

After hearing the stories from the other boat my worst experience seems so trivial. But here it goes. I love to cook - mainly because I love to eat. I was happy when it was finally my time in the galley. My how that changed when I discovered that I had to cook for 14 people using only 3 pots and one large pan . Food had to be prepared in specific sequence so that hot things could be served hot and cold things could be served, well, lukewarm. The only other bad experience was getting used to bathing on deck in a bathing suit with a garden hose in plain view of the other teachers.

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