My Best Experience

by Robin Rutherford

Elementary Science Lab Teacher

One of the best experiences that I had on our trip was our visit to Great Harbor Cay. After we docked at the Marina, a group of brave teachers took off on a hike across the island. On the other side of the island was a beautiful lagoon. It had crystal clear water and a wide white beach. We quickly deposited our belongings on the sand and headed for the water. It was as calm as a pool. But unlike a pool, when we sat down in the water, fish of several sorts began to swim beneath our legs. There were about eight of us there and we all relaxed in the water and observed the fish and their behavior. Some were quite shy, while others were aggressive. We did our best to classify these fish and also to try timing their advances. This went on for some time until suddenly a dark area was spotted a little way out in the lagoon. We all jumped to our feet, expecting a shark. But to our relief it was a spotted stingray quietly cruising back and forth across the lagoon. After all this excitement, we had built up a quite a thirst. So we headed up towards the cabana to sip a cool drink. As we sat relaxing at the cabana, we realized that this was a perfect way to spend an afternoon in the Caribbean.



My Worst Experience


As it happens, my best and worst experiences occurred in the same place - Great Harbor. After an absolutely perfect day on the lagoon, we returned to the marina and our boat. Hot was not the word to describe the bunk area on the boat. I would say steamy was more like it. So a group of us decided to sleep outside at the pool nearby. I took my thermal blanket, a pillow and a small hand-held fan. I thought I'd be set for the night. Boy was I wrong! The Bahamas are famous for beaches but nobody mentioned MOSQUITOES. I was dive-bombed at least 200 times. They were so hungry there that they attacked through the holes in my thermal blanket. My face looked like I had the measles the next day. That night had to be one of the roughest times on the trip. It's one that I hope will be forgotten.

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