How Can You Become Involved?


There are several ways to become involved.

1. With the help of your local hospital or business community, you could start a program using experimental variables to teach the scientific method.

2. There is the possibility of sending an experiment up in our payload. We have had students and teachers from all over the United States participate in this manner. However, sometimes it is not possible because of limited space in the payload.

3. NASA offers the opportunity to become involved in many different interactive student projects. You can reserve a Space Experiment Module of your own or fly individual passive experiments through the NASA SEM Project. There are other NASA educational programs as well. Check out their web pages for further information. There may be a program close to home that would offer opportunities for student involvement.

4. If your school district would like to start a program of your own, contact us. We could steer you in the right direction. It takes a lot of work and commitment on the part of a lot of people, but we feel it is worth the effort because of the excitement generated in our classrooms.


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