School-to-Work....Scientists Having Fun through Discovery


  • Conversations with the Scientists Aboard the Kuiper


Dr. Diane Wooden Dr. Gordon Bjoraker Alan Meyer


Aboard the Kuiper Airborne Observatory, we observed teams of talented people working together to observe the Impact of Comet Shoemaker Levy 9 into Jupiter. For example, the Kuiper team included: Dr. Wendy Whiting, Tom Kalasky, and Jim McClanahan, the Mission Directors; the airplane pilot; the specialists for scheduling; and Drs. Diane Wooden, Ann Sprague, Gordon Bjoraker, Alan Meyer, Richard Koslowsky, Fred Witteborn, Donald Hunten, astronomers. We discovered that organizational, communication, and technical skills were very important.

Our conclusions: 1) learn how to work effectively as a team member, 2) study math and science, 3) discover your own talents and interests, and 4) it takes people with different talents to accomplish a scientific mission.

Motto: Go Get the Data