Lesson Plan for Australian Animals

Grades One and Two


Objective: Students will construct dioramas or model habitats which contain Australian marsupials.

Procedure: 1. Read the book Katy No Pocket

  2. 1. Discuss with children why Katy was searching for pockets. This will get into a discussion of the life cycle of a kangaroo.


  3. 2. From this discussion, students can construct or draw a kangaroo's life cycle on paper or on the chalkboard.


  4. 3. Introduce the new vocabulary: marsupial . Define this word and ask for student suggestions of other marsupials besides kangaroos. (pygmy possumwombat, koala)


  5. 4. Begin a concept map of marsupials to show characteristics between animals and their habitats. Include characteristics of baby Australian marsupials is hairless and weighs less than an ounce at birth, crawls into the pouch where it nurses and grows until it is able to be on its own., names of Australian marsupials, habitats of marsupials, food that marsupials eat, climates that marsupials thrive in. characteristics of adult marsupials etc.


  6. 5. Students choose an Australian marsupial and find facts about it. They will then use this information to make a habitat in a shoe box or a diorama .This will be a model that will include vegetation, climate, food, other animals that inhabit their environment, babies etc.