JULY 1994


July 15, 1994 Friday

Left Charleston at 3:28 p.m., bound for Savannah (92). We landed in Savannah at 4:15. Carol, Marian, and I are traveling together. Then we headed for the Chicago leg of the trip. We arrived at O'Hare at 5:44, Chicago time - but really 2 hours. We are really anxious to get to Australia but can't believe the long flight - 22 hours (or more). We will land in Australia tomorrow at 9:42, but will be Sunday instead of Saturday. The person in front of us is taking flash pictures through the windows. Upon landing we saw Lake Michigan and the City of Chicago. We had about a one hour lay over. In the restrooms we saw revolving plastic seat covers. Plane for L.A. left at 7:00 p.m. (8:00 EDT) - flight delay - rear cargo door won't shut. Plane takes off at 8:00 central (9:00 EDT). The runway crosses the highway with an overpass. It's strange to keep seeing the sunset until almost 10:00 p.m. 10:20, the plane hits turbulence for about 20 to 25 minutes. We have movies available on the plane too. When we land in L.A., it's 10:07 and we race to make our 10:40 connection. We looked for O.J.'s house as the plane landed. We are on a very large plane for the flight to Auckland, N.Z. We left at 11:10 p.m. (2:10 EDT). The ride went very smooth but the time change is hard to adjust to. It's 12:00 noon Charleston time, but it's still dark here to 4:00 a.m. We should get to Auckland in an hour or two.

July 17, 1994 Sunday

Temp. in Auckland is 53, light rain, Sunday morning. Where did Saturday go? We landed in Auckland about 6:20 a.m., Sunday. We walked around the airport and also looked out the airport windows. It looks to be very green mountainous country. We are 10,000 km away from L.A. It's finally beginning to get daylight. We have been in the dark for about 18 hours. The weather feels chilly. 3 1/2 more hours to Melbourne. We've been traveling for 28 hours now. Now, about to arrive in Melbourne.

Carol and Jeri picked us up. The morning (11:00 a.m.), looks like afternoon time outside (in the U.S.) We took a shopping/city tour walking to the Victoria market and meat market. We rode the city circle tram.

New words:

Mate friend

Prawn shrimp

Car park parking garage

Tyrest tires

Left elevator

Roundabout traffic circle

Give way yield

Snack sandwiches or light meal

McDonalds store visiting hours

hello on the telephone

Engaged bathroom stall sign to indicate occupied

Ham & Cheese like a ham and cheese sandwich - thick spicy bread


Tomato Sauce ketchup

Chips french fries

Halp Nip half of a liquor serving

Flat apartment; flat tire for Marian

Boot trunk

Bonnet hood

Attending to taken care of at the store or rest

Trading hours store hours

Take away food take out food

July 18, 1994 Monday

We (Carol, Marian, and I) all awoke at 2:00 and watched t.v. and read. We had a morning meeting at 8:00 and breakfast with 2 of the astronomers - Gordon Bjoracker and Alan Meyers. Then we spent the day at the Kuiper. We had a tour of the plane, then went back to the offices to watch astronomers gather data and send a message on Internet to Charleston and Hubble. Also, we attended the morning meeting at 11:55 to tell about takeoff. Then we worked on collating a collection of messages to other astronomers. We ate at the Travelodge - snack is a sandwich, ketchup served in a gravy boat w/spoon. Then it was off to walking and riding the tram. We ate in Chinatown. A store owner thought we were crazy to watch comets hitting Jupiter.

Freeways left lane - slow lane

right lane - fast

no specific lane lines

blinker on the right side

Give way yield

Car wreck made a connection smash

Milk bar corner store

Tucker food

Overtaking passing in right lane

they also walk on the left

Barbie barbecue

Nappie diaper

July 19, 1994 Tuesday

Briefing 8:00 a.m. - great results from astronomer Bjoraker. Hubble group said they saw spectacular results. The climate here is so chilly and gray and cloudy. Gas is $2.40 a gallon (69 cents a liter) - so expensive. There are not many large cars or vans. We are on our way out to the Kuiper now to see the cameras in the cavity - film change - check equipment. On the way to the airport, we see large mountains in the distance - purple. We worked on our Kuiper flight schedule and checked Internet for messages. Jeri and Jim are leaving to fly at about 4:00.

"Or" words end with "our":

Neighbor neighbour

Color colour

Honor honour

Flavor flavour

Endeavor endeavour

Center centre

Theater theatre

Liter litre litre of gas is .69

Bottle Shop liquor store, bar

Crook sick

July 20, 1994 Wednesday

We visited the telescope this morning. I helped Tom change the cameras out on the brackets. We recorded the exposures, film type, serial numbers. He rewired the filter and bolted down the camera. Then we went to RMIT to have the black and white film developed. The color film from Monday night was developed too. Jupiter is visible as a bright yellow light during impact. We also went shopping, rode to the top of the Rialto, and ate at a Greek restaurant. I tasted Spanako (pita), spinach and cheese in a pastry roll. Before the Rialto we visited Chloe's Bar. The men's sports bar was downstairs. The ladies bar was upstairs. Large painting in Chloe's of nude Chloe.

July 21, 1994 Thursday

Today is Carol Tempel's turn to fly aboard the Kuiper. We devised questions to ask the scientists and then headed out to the airport to take video and photos of today's takeoff. The airport management took us to the roof of the airport where we did our photographing. The film was developed and we ate lunch at Pizza Hut at the airport - I stayed in the room until 7:30. We went to dinner at Frank's. I tasted squid, Bay Bugs, and had range-fed beef. Carol came back about 10:30 or 11:00, excited and relieved.

July 22, 1994 Friday

Today was my day to fly aboard the Kuiper. I rode in the cockpit for takeoff and saw the land of Australia. Rural - rivers, mountains. I started up the cameras and no power came up. I must have tried 3 or 4 times. I was really in a panic. Then they threw a breaker and all was go.

I was very impressed by the astronomer's talk, problem solving, and team work.

I took pictures all night - 20 color, 30 infrared.

July 23, 1994 Saturday

9:30 Great interview with Gordon Boracker. It went great! He explained his experiments with water vapor.

11:00 Back to NASA for interview with NASA Select.

12:00 Left for Bendigo - Macedon Mountains. Stopped at Goona Warra Weinery. Jim stopped to buy wine. Flowers were blooming - purple, yellow.

1:20 Back on the road. A lot of houses (most) have orange tile roofs.

2:00 Lunch:

Leek and Potato Soup

Chicken sandwich triangles

Teapot with small teaspoons and heavy cream

Scones with jam and butter

Central Highlands

3:00 Stopped at Hanging Rock but did not go on it. We stopped to take pictures of deer and sheep farms. High hills with houses on top.

Looks like West

Kansas prairies

Colorado town


Speed limit 60 80 100 (red)

Overtaking lane - passing lane

Thousands of gum trees

Shell petrol

Big apple country store - bought apples and juice. In orchards - the store was smelling delicious.

Left store and Jim drove down the right side of the road. Oh no!!!!!!

4:00 Mount Alexander Koala Park. We saw a kangaroo hopping across the trail. Walked for about an hour. Rabbit's burrow seen.

Cidery apple cider making plant

Caravan trailer

Car spa car wash

K-MART closed 5:30 Saturday night. butcher shops.

6:30 Dinner - Shamrock Hotel in Bendigo

Ordered Barimundi (large crystal sugar) salad

8:00 Headed back to Melbourne. Saw .05 police. Clear night!

8:55 Stopped in the mountains to observe the constellations. We saw the Southern Cross, Scorpius, Sagittarius, Centaris, Achemar, Triangulum A B, Australles, Corvis

July 24, 1994 Sunday

Did laundry in the a.m. 12:30 left for airport to see Carol Swan off. Then left for winery country. It's very windy today. Stopped again at the Country Kitchen and had tomato soup, tea - heavy cream, ham, and cheese sandwich. Visited Mount Atking winery and saw wine tasting. Chilly stone urn cellar - small stove (wood). Greek food tonight. Carol S is flying tonight.

July 25, 1994 Monday

(Reading Recovery). We visited the Tullamarine School. It was private. We saw prep (kindergarten) and year 1, 2 library, year 7, 8. The first grade teacher gave us her year's curriculum. The whole language, theme webbing, lots of story writing, lots of books. Tea time at 11:00 p.m. Kids go out and play and teachers had tea and coffee cake. The year 1 teacher, Aly Geary, was very informative. She gave us some curriculum information and her year's plan.

July 26, 1994 Tuesday

(To: Great Ocean Road). Blue checkered sign - police station passed through Geelong and saw lots of small shops and a bay. Most of the towns don't have many large stores, just one small shop after another. I've seen lots of milk bars and cafes. We see blankets on horses that are grazing the fields. Big black birds with white heads were perched alongside the road. White cockatoos eating on the side of the rocks, rocky beaches, we went down on the beach and found shells - limpets, snail, bi-valves. Inlets coming in from the ocean. Cows and horses grazing on green hillsides. Sheep grazing peacefully on the hillsides.

We visited Maits National Rain Forest. It was a cool temperate rain forest. All the trees and plants were wet and dripping. Brooks ran through the center of the trail, wooden walkways, huge Myrtle beeches, giant ferns, mosses growing up trees. Stopped to photograph lambs and calves and the car got stuck in the mud. Then we finally saw a kangaroo crossing sign. We all stopped to get a picture. :-) We stopped at a tea room for tea, coffee, pumpkin soup, sweets. Heading for Port Campbell. Bought booties and postcards.

Bloke fellow, guy - elm tree; motel owners used this word a lot

No worries Don't worry about it

July 27, 1994 Wednesday

Breakfast in Warrnambool. We drove before breakfast to Logan's Beach to look for whales giving birth. But we had no lunch. We ate breakfast at Macks. They offered spaghetti and/or baked beans on toast for breakfast. Left my Peterson's Guide at the motel, and had to return for it. Driving towards the Grampians, we see sheep grazing on very rocky fields. Large mountains in the distance. Plains, tree clumps, one mountain in the distance on the left.

We stopped at a lookout for Mount Sturgeon. Photographed emu and mountains. We explored the Grampians Golf Course looking for kangaroo. All we found were emu droppings.

Silverband falls Steep Steps

Wallaroo Wildlife Park

Dingo couldn't feed, very ferocious looking furry donkey, sheep, deer

Wallalry eating from our hands and holding our hands with their paws. A Joey peeked out of mommy's tummy and was adorable. Looked and looked for koalas but still none.

July 28, 1994 Thursday

Visited Overnewton Anglican Community College. Gave two talks about Jupiter comet collision and Can Do projects. Tea time, 11:00. Observed a first grade class. Aly Geary's class was having show and tell. We talked to them and the teacher showed us some of their writing. Pre-flight briefing at 6:00. Flew aboard the Kuiper tonight; left a 7:15. Carol and Jim rode with me. Arrived back at about 3:00 a.m.

Biro Pen

July 29, 1994 Friday

We awoke at 11:00 a.m. Allan Meyer agreed to let us interview him. Then we went to Deepdene School to give a talk to second graders and sixth graders. Carol and I observed a 1/2 combination class and got lots of ideas from her. She gave us copies of homework, report cards, and checklists. Wine and cheese afterwards in the teacher's lounge. Out to supper at 6:30 - Vietnamese restaurant Kym 2. Carol S. and I rode back home in a taxi.

July 30, 1994 Saturday

We rode up into the Dandenong Mountains to ride Puffing Billy. We left Belgrade. Rode through Mensis and got off at Emerald. The ride was very beautiful through gum tree and tree fern forests. Jim and Tom met us at Emerald. We found a team room to have cake and hot tea. Then we shopped a while and proceeded on through dense mountain forests. On the way to Healsville we passed through Monbulk, Dilydale. We toured Healesville Sanctuary. We saw kangaroos, wallabies, wombats, platypus, koalas. Great photos! Dinner at Mediterranean Restaurant.

July 31, 1994 Sunday

Brekkie breakfast


Ketchup tomato sauce, dead horse

Visited Victoria market for souvenirs and then headed for Ballavat. Raining on way. Went to Sovereign Hill. Rode a stage coach, listened to a western folk trio, shopped on Main Street, bought a pin cushion and a Koala card and gold chips in a vial. Stopped at an Italian Restaurant to eat. Ravioli to eat. The rest of the gang went to a bottle shop to get wine and brought it back to the restaurant.

August 1, 1994 Monday

Breakfast at the Wood Duck this morning and then shopping downtown. Cashed money at West Pac. Met Jim and Tom at 2:00 to leave for Philly's Island to see penguins. It was raining and cold but we stuck it out to see the fairy penguins come ashore in groups of about 20 at a time. They walked up on shore and through the dunes. We observed them from the boardwalk walking to their homes and squawking. Then we had some supper at a seafood restaurant. Carol S. and I had zucchini and cheese soup and tea. We also had more tea. I will really miss not having tea. Home at 10:00. Bed at 1:00 a.m.

August 2, 1994 Tuesday

Take off at 11:25 a.m. in Australia. Ate sirloin and arrived in Auckland at 4:30 p.m., sprayed for bugs. Auckland to L.A. 6:00 p.m. takeoff. Carol and I took Tylenol p.m. and dozed off for about 4 or 5 hours. We arrived in L.A. at 10:30. It is Tuesday morning again.

August 2, 1994 Tuesday

Arrived at LAX at 11:50, caught a bus to JPL. Dr. Youmans spoke. JPL Aurora created - lasted several hours - created at other pole. He thinks its a half dead comet. Comet is a fragile cemetery structure, like a frozen sponge w/water taken out. Molecules detected methane co., NH3, H2, H2S, S2, CS2. MG, NA from comet probably. Ulysses - no immediate results. Detects radio region. Enhancement of the radio waves. No obvious changes in Voyager UV waves. No obvious visual flashes from satellites. Shotgun effect instead of cannonball effect. Hubble - Wide Field Planetary Camera. Impact creates a fountain effect. Epcta was larger than the earth. Huygens probe to investigate Jupiter.

Talked about Kidsat with Jo Bea. We showered and drank and ate pizza at Jo Bea Way's house. Talked to several people about our project. We are riding the red eye out of L.A. United flight 14 - O.J. Simpson flight.

We saw Pasadena, San Gabrielle Mountains, toured JPL, Flight Operations. Saw IBM, 444, and other tall buildings in L.A.