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Kelior School Grades K-8

The science activities used inquiry and problem-solving. On the day we visited students were building bridges and inventing cars. We enjoyed the collegiality on this campus. For example, all of the teachers gathered each day at 10:00 for tea and crumpets while the children snack outside. On Friday afternoons, the teachers meet again for a social hour.

Deep Dene Elementary School, grades 1-6

Principal: Ms. Helen Williams

Deep Dene is a delightful elementary school in the Balwyn area of Melbourne. This is a progressive school where the children's work is displayed throughout the school. This integrated curriculum features the Arts, English, Mathematics, Science, Foreign Languages, studies of Society and Environment, and Technology. Additional curriculum programs include: philosophy, computer education, bike education, swimming, perceptual motor and life education.

When we asked the headmistress why there was an emphasis on kinesthetic programs, she explained that they believe that when students use their big muscles it increases their concentration level. In practice this means, that the morning students begin their day by having physical activities and they are interspersed throughout the day. Note: recent brain research on learning supports this practice.

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