Views of the Southern Sky

The Can Do team was in Australia during July 1994. That's the rainy season. Nights were cloudy and days were dreary. Part of my excitement and anticipation of this adventure was the opportunity to view the stars in the Southern Hemisphere. I have been interested in astronomy for many years and have been more active in the science since grinding a mirror and making my own 6 inch telescope. After being in Australia for a week and not seeing a star, I was getting a little upset.

After the Shoemaker-Levy event, the team took a two day trip to do some site seeing. It was on our return to Melbourne that we pulled off the side of the road and saw the most breathe taking view of the Milky Way, the Coal Sack, Eta Carina, Large and Small Magellenic Clouds and the many constellations Northern Hemisphere observers are unable to see. The Milky Way stretched from side of the horizon to the other. I will remember that night always.

 Can you identify these Southern Night Sky Objects ?

Milky Way and the Large and Small Magallenic Clouds

Eta Carina

Coal Sack

Other pictures we took.

Large Magellinic Cloud


Milky Way




Milky Way & Comet Halley



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